Binding Jpeg with Exe file using fEvicol v1.0

fEvicol v1.0

Are You wandering What is this fEvicol v1.0? Please dont be, It is the software,Which you are searching for. sorry for making you wait for this post.

So Guyz i hope you have been searching for a softwares which can bind Exe file with .jpeg file and shows the result as , When the user clicks on Jpeg file, an image will be opened and .exe file starts running. So here it is fEvicol v1.0 is a binder which can bind .exe file and .jpeg file it and shows the result of your need. if you dont mention any extension, by default it saves with .jpg

When binded executable is started.. it opens the jpg image, and executable.You can find many softwares on web but they cant satisfy your need so i am introducing fEvicol v1.0 which is the ultimate useful Hacking tool which is helping in binding .jpeg file and .exe file and displaying result of your need. The icon of the binded executable file is configurable hope you can understand.

With the help of this software you can easily lure windows user as displaying a known file extension is disabled. So there is no need to worry as the windows doesnt display know extensions

Have a look at this softwatre

Sorry for not explaining the procedure to use and download links, As it is illegal to use.
Well you can find so many download links on web

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Note: binding viruses,trojans, keyloggers is ilegal and moreover Only 32×32 or 16×16 icon is permitted to use(766 bytes)

This material is only for educational purpose.