Compress all your Images in a bulk- Resize your Images in a bulk

How to compress all my digital cam images in bulk?
How to compress all images or photos or pictures or wallpapers in a bulk?
how to resize all my images in a bulk?
For all these questions one only ONE answer. Follow the procedure below….
One of my friend Patel asked me this question,How to compress all images or photos in a bulk. He came with digital camera to my home after his sister marriage. Each photo is occupying 4MB of space. Well we can compress each image easily. Edit each image and save it in .png or .jpeg. Then the photo will be compressed to maximum extent. This is how we can compress each image . But it takes lots of time to compress each and every image. After a small research i found a technique to compress all images in a bulk. :)

compress all images in a bulk

This technique helps a lot for web holders. They can easily upload number of images easily into their servers. Well How to compress all images or photos in a bulk???? Yes… first of all you need to keep all images in a single folder. After doing this just follow the below steps:

  • Open the folder containing all images which you have kept.
  • Now right click on an image, Click on ‘Open with’ , Now select Microsoft office Picture Manager.
  • Select ‘Thumbnail View’ in picture manage.
  • Use Ctrl+A (Selects all ) on the keyboard, or in the top toolbar go to >Edit >Select All.
  • Now click on Edit Images.
  • Now select Compress Pictures in Edit task pane.
  • In the compress task pane, select ‘Web pages’
  • Now click on OK. Your job has finished.

This method compresses each and every of your image which has selecte up to maximum extent. For example your image size is 4mb then it will reduces to some 80kb. Almost each and every image will be reduced in kbs. and resolution resized to 448 x 336 pixels.
Note: If the images need to be available in the original size for printing etc, copy them into a new folder for the web and compress the copies.