Getting High Ranking in msn search

How to get High Ranking in msn search????
When you are planning on msn search traffic then you have to keep a bit emphasis on On- Page optimization. msn is the search engine which is quickly gaining popularity among internet search engine users and it is holding strong 3rd position among all internet search engines. Each search engine have their own unique algorithm. MSN is quite different from google and yahoo. We are having small problem with msn which is INSTABILITY. This is the problem i heard from many of my friends. For example if my site ranks 9th position for this keyword ” How to get high ranking in msn search” today.Then on the next day it is on 22,and then on the next day it is on 100. While experimenting i came to know that MSN is the search engine which checks age of domain before ranking position. This Instability holds to your domain until your domain gets sufficient number of quality links. This is the major difference between Google and MSN. Because of this reason i am using feedback from feeds. For example digg,Technorati and humsurfer. These are standard sites having pr as well as quality links. If i digg any of my post it comes first in google 1st page rather than my website. I will follow this procedure until my site gains popularity and good quality of links.

Well, Inorder to fully succeed with msn, you have to concentrate on On- page optimization.
I have explained clearly about On- page optimization factors. And i hope that article covers all major On page optimization factors.
1)Add keywords in your Title: This is the thing i have explained in last article. How to choose keywords in post title or How to optimize post title.

2)Quality Backlinks: I have explained many articles on Link building.
Few of my articles on Link building are:

3)Core term/key phrase research.
4)Page/keyword ratio.
5)Enrich your Pages with Content
6)Include your keyword in your Domain Name
7)Use different Title Tags for different pages
8)Description Tag
9)Anchor Text
10)Site Map.

Conclusion: Getting high ranking in msn search is the tough job. Why because you have to focus more on pure On-page optimization. Once you know your Master keywords, develop your site and focus on backlinks, title keywords, anchor text and relevant URL. Ofcourse there are more than 100 on-page optimization factors which we don’t know but i can surely say that these  on-page optimization will definitely improve your site ranking.