How to Access a Remote desktop using LogmeIn Hamachi.

How to use Hamachi?

What is this LogmeIn Hamachi?? Hope you all have been wandering in google What is this LogmeIn Hamachi and How does it works?
Before Explaining how does LogmeIn hamachi works lets be clear with Hamachi,What is its purpose?Where does from it originate?
LogmeIn Hamachi is a networking software which is used to access a remote desktop. Hamachi provides the ultimate way to access a remote desktop by secure peer to peer link. In other words It is Virtual Private Network(VPN) (Centrally Managed Zero Configuration VPN)
which provides connection between computer over internet which are behind NAT firewalls. LogMeIn Hamachi takes less than a minute to install. It requires no firewall reconfiguration and router as well. It is a VPN service which provides instant way to establish a computer network similar to Local Area Network(LAN) to share information with other computers, to provide remote access to the users, remote desktop sharing, file management and remote control.Benifits of LogMeIn Hamachi

• No Reconfiguration of firewall and routers are required(Zero Configuration).
• Secure way to access files,hard disks and Network drives
• Providing security to Industries leading authentication and encryption.
• No requirement of physical setup as it Establishes connection similar to LAN.
• Remote Accessing your desktop or controlling your machine from anywhere.

Some of the working LogmeIn Hamachi servers and their passwords are:

Nexodyne – Warcraft
Password: whosyourdaddy

Nexodyne – Starcraft
Password: poweroverwhelming

Nexodyne – Wolfenstein
Password: blitzkrieg

Note: You should have Network name and password to connect

Steps to be followed for accesing Remote Desktop

1. Microsoft Netmeeting Installation Install Netmeeting.
2. Setting up Netmeeting Remote Desktop Sharing.
3. Connecting to Netmeeting’s Remote Desktop Sharing through LogmeIn Hamachi.
4. Firewalls Handling (if you have installed)

LogmeIn Hamachi Installation

Asi have told u before LogmeIn Hamachi LogmeIn Hamachi is a networking software which is used to provide peer to peer link by establishing a network connection between two remote computers and it is also a secure software which has a specific property of Zero configuration.

Link1: Download LogmeIn Hamachi from Here
Link 2: Download Here

After downloading LogmeIn Hamachi install the software and just follow the tutorial it gives you.After Installing LogmeIn Hamachi you’ll find a number on top in this format or in the form of ip which is the LogmeIn Hamachi Ip address As you need this Ip later. So after installing LogmeIn Hamachi and following its step,I Guess you have been wandering How to Access a Remote Desktop?Where is the procedure to access remote desktop? you might think the title “LogmeIn Hamachi” title to be decieving Then there is no need to worry you are at right place which provides the exact way to access a remote desktop.Sorry to say that you need one more software ‘Microsoft NetMeeting’ to access a remote desktop but i assure it would be fruitful if you follow this procedure to access a remote desktop. Microsoft users dont need to download this software again as it comes with Windows Xp, probably this comes with Windows 2000 and above versions.
Remember that LogmeIn Hamachi and Microsoft NetMeeting should be installed on both the computer to have Remote Desktop sharing.Unless and untill you do this you cant access remote desktop.
after installing your Hamachi will look this and your Hamachi Ip

Installtion of Microsoft NetMeeting

No need to download this Microsoft NetMeeting software as every windows version comes with Microsoft NetMeeting
For installing NetMeeting just go to START>RUN>’conf.exe’ type this without quotes and simple just follow the tutorial it provides you and i request you to save your password. dont forget to Install Micrososoft NetMeeting on both the computers

Your NetMeeting Installation

Setting up Netmeeting Remote Desktop Sharing

Go to Tools Menu at top In NetMeeting and then select ‘ Remote Desktop Sharing’. A setup wizard will be opened for remote desktop sharing which will allow you to activate a ‘password protected screensaver’.I requeste you to Implement this step. after doing this you will see a Microsoft Netmeeting icon at your Lower right toolbar. If you see this then you are done with all the major steps.

Connect to Netmeeting’s Remote Desktop Sharing through Hamachi

Ok then, Its time now to establish a connection between both the computers for remote desktop sharing.consider two computers as computer1 and computer2. Now open the LogmeIn Hamachi and Microsoft NetMeeting and type the computer1′s LogmeIn Hamachi Ip adress in Microsoft NetMeeting address bar of computer2 and Make a call by clicking on phone button. You will see a Remote desktop sharing window where you need to have an account name and password for the system of which you are trying to access. enter name and password and click ok then you will get a new window which will show a remote desktop of computer1.
the desktop which you are seeing might seem ugly but it makes the connection faster.Now you have the total control on your friends desktop as you are the administrator of it. You can view full screen by clicking on the window which poped up.
Sharing Remote Desktop

Firewalls Handling

Hope you can handle with firewalls. just shut down you firewalls or just make LogmeIn Hamachi as a trusted application

Hope you have liked this trick but you might think that, then what is the use of LogmeIn Hamachi? What is the role played by LogmeIn Hamachi. but dont try to establish a connection without LogmeIn Hamachi if you have the ip address of any user as you need to configure firewalls and routers which cant done by you. so its better to use LogmeIn Hamachi as it provides Zero Configuration.

This is a fairly advanced genuine task but if you find any difficulty in implementing these tricks just leave the comments. I will reply you in comment form.