How to install WinProxy Server

How to install WinProxy Server :
One of the best popular proxy server is WinProxy Server.One of the perfect reason for its popularity is no sofware has to be installed on client systems.This is possible because Winproxy is a transparent proxy server.Winproxy provides Network Address Translation (NAT).Apart from these best features such as usual caching and security.It also supports protocols like HTTP,Real Audio/Video,Mai,FTP,NNTP news.Secure Sockets,DNS etc.Well you will observe the procedure to install Winproxy Server..

Winproxy server may be installed as follows:
1)Firstly install the TCP/IP protocol on all systems which are connected to your network. 2)Now run the Install Wizard.A small window will be opening.This is product registration key.You have to enter Product key.

3)And the remaining two screens will be showing your internet connection.That is the information required about your internet connection.You have to select name of your internet connection.

4)Enter the username and password of your internet connection which your are using.

5)Now winproxy will configures your internal and external IP address.Winproxy will automatically sets a new IP address to each device on the lan as Internal address.The IP address which is assigned to modem/router by your ISP is taken as External address..

6)Winproxy prompts you to disconnect from your internet connection if you are already connected.

7)This is the last and final step of winproxy which works through all the steps and verifies that all operations have been done proporly..