How to optimize blog post title

How to optimize blog post title:
We all know that blog post title plays a major role in deciding serp’s position. So we need some optimization in blog post title.How do we optimize???
Well, after writing content you will be knowing some master keywords of that post. Master keywords are nothing but those keywords who are having high keyword frequency. For example if you are writing post on “How to optimize blog post title” then the major keywords are how to, optimize, blog post, post title. All these keywords should have high keyword frequency. If you can able to bring one Anchor text link for the keywords which i have mentioned above then you will be holding a good position in serps. This is the cool SEO tip.
When you first publish your blog post, follow this advice:

how to optimize post title

Make your post title interesting: I always prefer to use “how to” keyword for most of my posts. This sounds interesting. why because most of the visitors starts searching with “how to” keyword.
Keep it short and sweet: Try to keep as short as possible but it should be complete and easy to understand. “How to optimize blog post title ” this title is a bit short and complete. If you make your title too long then it will create some irritation or confusion for the reader. So never try to run in risk with long titles. I have seen in many populated websites is that they never focus on on-optimization. They know that initial readers will likely to read that post which is published on the day. But what happens after your post dropped down to archives? So always try to bring your post in google 1st page for the keywords on which you are optimizing.
Stage 2: Popularity, Authenticity.
Well, you have done everything what i said above and assume that your site comes in google 1st page for your master keywords. If you have provided nice and complete content then it is well and good. If you provide some useless content then next time that visitor never visits your site. This is the case you are loosing many visitors even though your site comes in google top position.

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